Simeone will keep his complete old guard one more year.

Friday, 22 June, 2018

After the renewal of Juanfran, and except a last minute surprise, Atletico continues to have the most durable players in this cycle of good results. Renewals remain a priority: there will be more ... The Juanfran's contract extension (33 years) was an open secret and now it’s official, it will be one more year. Although he has lost some weight in terms of minutes, he is still a relevant player for Simeone, who has wanted to continue counting on him. In the 17-18 season he participated in 30 matches and ended up having more minutes than Vrsaljko (2,387 minutes versus 2,137 counted by the Croatian). Even if another right winger arrives, Juanfran will have an important role in the team.