Pablo Fornals: "I'm an everyday guy, the only difference is that I go on TV"

Friday, 11 December, 2015

At his 19, his only dream is not to wake up from what he is now living in Malaga. He gives off football and it is enough to see him on the field to understand that he is the kind of privileged players who have a long career. In addition, his head screwed on right. Question. It can be said that you are part of the first team ... "In the current situation of the team is when it is possible to learn" answer. Well, people can understand it that way but I'm still part of the second team and as I always say, if the coach wantes I'll be down there again. Q. After playing several times as a starting squad I don't think so. A. I find myself more and more comfortable. Much integrated into the team even in positions that are not usual for me, but with these players anyone would feel comfortable wherever. Q. But where do you find yourself more comfortable? A. I usually play as midfielder, or a little more advanced but inside it is where I feel most comfortable. Anyway being on the field I'm happy. Q. What is your ideology? A. To me, the way I play, I like having the ball. Inside, playing and being in possession of the ball. Not a sterile possession but also attacking with crosses into the centre. I like how Malaga plays. A 4-4-2, as the youth academy plays ... Q. It seems that the youth academy continues offering players year after year. R. Malaga's youth academy system is working well. It should be an honor for the club and the city to see how many players have left the youth academy and they are playing for important teams. People who have been given the opportunity are taking the chance. It has been shown that if you bring people from the youth academy they will try to meet the expectation and stay. Q. it can not be said that you were wrong when you decided to come to Malaga's youth academy. A. No, not at all. I am delighted to have made this decision, to be here fulfilling my dream. Q. Are you often recognized on the street? R. I can still walk unrecognized on the street (laughs). Sometimes people stare at me and wonder if I am myself, because I am so young, I'm sure they are afraid of making mistakes. The truth is that I'm an everyday guy, the only difference is that I go on TV on the games played at weekends. Q. In the current situation of the team it is possible to learn more. A. It is one in which you learn more. You live exposed to constant criticism, anger of the fans. These are phases, I'm burning since I was very young but it is better so. Q. What are your goals? A. To be the longer possible in First division. To play with Malaga as many games as possible and to make me a room every single weekend on the field. My next goal is to be every weekend on the field or otherwise summoned. Q. Why hasn't the team finished booting? A. There is a big squad with great players but it doesn't work out, we are not playing badly. It can not all be attributed to luck because it has been happening during many weeks. I remain confident in this team and I know we will take this situation forward. Q. What is spoken in the changing room? R. We work every day more. We do not understand why is this happening if we have opportunities and if we play well.