Pablo Fornals debutes with Spain National Team

Sunday, 29 May, 2016

Pablo Fornals can say that this is his year because the young midfielder is one of the Del Bosque's men. Minute 83 of Spain-Bosnia in Saint Gallent (Switzerland), it is a moment that Fornals will never forget, he sees how San Jose is getting closer and the fourth referee looks at him and that was the moment...  A boy who had not played in first division when the season started, who was in a second team of a club playing in third division, debuting with Spain. In addition, he played the ball and did it well. He regeted slipping down when he was playing the ball in the area and trying to do one of his moves... But it didn´t matter, it had been already a fantastic and unforgetable day.  Spain won 3-1in a preparatory game for the European Championship.

Fornals is the 68th player who debuted in Del Bosque era but his case is very special preciselly because he was playing in third division, debuted in Bernabéu and got a first division player status. He debuted with U-21 National Team when he had never been before in any other category of Spain National Team and the best part takes place today Sunday 29 May. The Malaga mildfielder wasn´t expecting to be one of the the inicial 11 squad until the rest of the international memebers, who will be in the European Championship, arrive. Finally he debuted and follows the track of Migueli, Macías, Deusto, Rufete, Contreras, Salva, Isco, Cazorla, Monreal, Camacho, Juanmi...