Lucas Torró will play for Osasuna during the next three seasons

Thursday, 6 July, 2017

Atlético Osasuna has reached an agreement with Real Madrid for the transfer of Torro, who will arrive at the entity rojilla at no cost and will remain in it for three seasons. Osasuna has reported in its website that the termination clause that has been established for the player is 3.5 million euros if Osasuna militates in LaLiga 123 and 7 if it plays in LaLiga Santander. Real Madrid will be entitled to the fifty percent of any hypothetical transfer of the player, as well as a repurchase option. The Navarrese club emphasizes that Lucas Torró Marset (19 of July of 1994, Cocentaina) is "a defensive pivot, that combines aerial game, work and a good exit of ball". He is, adds the club "a promising midfielder who comes from completing a great season with Real Oviedo" where, "despite his youth, he has been one of the regular players" participating in 39 games in LaLiga 123, 38 as the 11 starting. In carbayón has disputed a campaign, trasnfered by Real Madrid, where he militated four seasons, first in the ranks of Juvenil A coming from Alcoyano, where he arrived to make a debut in Second Division at his 17. The next three seasons he played in Castilla: a course in the silver category and the last two in the bronze one before being register in Carlos Tartiere. Osasuna also points out that he has been international in lower categories of the Spanish national team and was called up by Carlo Ancelotti with the first white team