Borja Iglesias: "It scared me more to play in Segunda B fields"

Wednesday, 11 July, 2018

The Galician has been presented this Wednesday as a new member of Espanyol, he’ll play for the next four seasons. Espanyol pays 10 million in four installments, the most expensive signing in its history. The first and second years 2.5 each, the third, 4 and the last year one million. The rescission clause has been stipulated in 28M. "He has potential, room for improvement and he is a goal scorer, we wanted to replace Gerard Moreno with another scorer. The coach was accomplice in the decision process to call him", explained Óscar Perarnau, general sports director.
Several offers
"For me it was easy to choose Espanyol. I had several options and since I this project was given to me, I had no doubts. I knew I was coming to a historic club and it was an ideal scenario."
Most expensive signing
"It's something a player should feel proud of. It motivates me more than anything else. To this day I do not have any pressure, I feel reinforced by his bet and confidence, I’m eager to play with ambition".
Gerard Moreno
"We all know how good he is, I've shared years of training with him, but I do not have to become the new Gerard, I come to be Borja Iglesias and nothing else."
"I feel comfortable playing, I’m not closed to any opportunity and I come to learn and to continue growing."
Jump to the highest category
"I come to Espanyol to grow and face an important challenge that is to be a First Division Player. I was more afraid when I went to play in Segunda B fields. Now it's all good, I'm going to face the First Division with a historic club. Afraid? There are things to be afraid of but not this one, this one is a good thing."
The coach
"Rubi has given me confidence, love and I am happy to work with him. He has had a great season in Huesca and for both of us, this is a great opportunity that we face with enthusiasm".
Camino de Santiago
"I look forward to doing the camino de Santiago and hopefully for a good objective. If everything is positive I will do it to celebrate it and, if not, to enjoy a beautiful experience."
"I'm a passionate player who connects with the stands because I think we're all on the same path."
"I talked to former players and they all put in a good word for the club and the city with me.”